Making your own Quiet Book

Die Herstellung deines eigenen Quiet Books

In the previous article we mentioned a list of all the materials you would need to make a Quiet Book. In this post we will show you how to make your own Quiet Book in 10 steps.

Read the steps through before you start.

Choosing the right template and the right design

Before choosing a template or pattern, you should think about the activities and topics that your child is interested in in their current developmental phase.

Make sure that the activities you want to encourage with your Quiet Book are age-appropriate. If your child feels overwhelmed or does not understand certain activities, they will quickly lose interest in the Quiet Book. Conversely, it can also be that they feel under-challenged, even then they will not be very interested in the book.

Collect ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a real treasure trove for ideas for creating a quiet book. The best thing to do is to create a folder to record the creative ideas that appeal to you the most. This way you don't lose track and you have all the pins in one place.

Do you have enough ideas? Then it comes to the design. Write down everything that is relevant to your Quiet Book on a piece of paper or in a Word file. Don't forget the design for the front and back and write down the order of the individual pages.

Make the front page attractive and colorful. If you choose a favorite motif for your child, for example their favorite animal, a rainbow, a car in their favorite color or a fairy with glittering wings, they will be even more interested in the Quiet Book.

Ready-made instructions or would you prefer your own pattern?

Ready-made instructions or would you prefer your own pattern?

When you have gathered all the ideas and created a first draft for your Quiet Book, you can either make your own sewing pattern or buy a ready-made pattern on a platform such as Etsy. There you will find a number of shops that offer themed patterns with detailed details to sew yourself.

If you already have very specific ideas for your Quiet Book or don't want to spend money on the pattern, I recommend that you first make a draft on paper. You can then scan it to use vector graphics software on your computer. A free tool I can recommend is Inkscape, a 2-D CAD program. With it you can trace and adjust curves and lines, adjust the size and optimize.

Complete? Then you can now convert the individual patterns into pages.

Calculate the material requirements for your Quiet Book

Select the cotton fabrics that you want to use for each side. I recommend that you use a more reserved color or a neutral background. This allows your child to concentrate on the individual activities and not be too distracted.

In order for a quiet book with six activity pages to be visually appealing, you need about 10 different colors for the felt.

Calculate in advance what amount of fabric and what material you will need. This also gives you a good overview of the costs and allows you to adjust something if necessary. At the same time, you save yourself costly repeat orders or another time-consuming visit to the handicraft shop.

Purchasing the materials

The next step is to get all of the materials needed to make your quiet book. Check out our blog post, " The Right Material To Make Your Quiet Book - Our Top Tipsxtagstartzfont style="box-sizing: border-box; vertical-align: inherit;"> " for a full list of the materials you will need to make it.

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