The colorful booklets are "the concentrated magic of Jolly Designs in a handy learning toy". As a rule, each issue includes 4-6 pages with interactive games, removable playing parts and appealing topics that promote the fine motor skills and cognitive skills of children.


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Black and White - 8 Page BookletBlack and White - 8 Page Booklet
Black And White
Sale price€19,99 EUR
Magic fish - 2 pages
Magical Fish
Sale price€29,99 EUR
High Contrast Black and White BookletHigh Contrast Black and White Booklet
High Contrast Black and White Booklet
Sale price€19,99 EUR
Forest - 2 PagesForest - 2 Pages
In The Forest
Sale price€29,99 EUR
Space adventure - 2 pages
Space Adventure
Sale price€29,99 EUR
How Do I Feel Today? - 2 Pages
The Book Of Feelings
Sale price€26,99 EUR
When I Grow Up - 2 PagesWhen I Grow Up - 2 Pages
Once I'M Big
Sale price€29,99 EUR