Our production

Our Quiet Books are painstakingly handcrafted in India, New Delhi.

The production facility belongs to the family of the founder, Nishtha Jolly. Her parents started a family business together 35 years ago in India (New Delhi), where Nishtha Jolly herself worked for 13 years (including 5 years in management). The company specializes in the production of handmade products. The production is regularly audited with the ETI SEDEX certificate, which checks the working conditions (no child labour, fair payment, health & safety, environment & business ethics).

In addition to this, our seamstresses receive holidays, sick pay and maternity leave. They are also entitled to paid leave for religious and community celebrations. We treat them with great respect, because a good working atmosphere is a prerequisite for a long-term working relationship.

In this way, we sustainably support the local region and hundreds of families living in New Delhi.

In addition to the audits of the production we have all our Quiet Books produced and tested according to EN-71 and CE standards.

The following video presents our production in India: